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Made to measure: the new fashion software from SAP

Verticalization and digitization are transforming the apparel sector. The SAP Fashion Management application delivers central support for the entire value chain – with tightly integrated manufacturing and retail processes, built on the SAP HANA platform. To reap the full benefits of the application, you need experienced industry and omnichannel experts.

Seamless, straightforward shopping across all channels – that’s what today’s fashion customers are after. And they expect fashion companies to provide support in the form of harmonized, interlocking order and fulfilment options, for example. This enables customers to order merchandise online and have it delivered to a nearby store, where they can try the items on. Anything they don’t need simply remain at the store. The pants required to round out their outfit can be reordered directly via tablet or smartphone. This is omnichannel shopping. When it comes to integrating sales channels, customer expectations have soared in recent years, with more than 80 percent of consumers demanding functionalities of this kind at the POS. These functionalities include the option of reordering missing goods immediately, and real-time stock inquiries or article returns, irrespective of the purchase location.

SAP Fashion Management – the logical evolution of SAP for Retail and SAP Apparel and Footwear

In response to structural change in the fashion sector, the new SAP Fashion Management application is the logical evolution of SAP for Retail, integrating key functionalities of SAP Apparel and Footwear into SAP for Retail. From a technical perspective, the system now offers one central data basis, instead of two instances running in parallel. This eliminates the interfaces formerly required, reducing license fees and overall running costs for the company. The SAP HANA platform allows data to be entered in real time – enabling real-time stock inquires on materials and articles, rapid reporting, and more efficient processes. And that includes accelerated development of products through to market readiness.

Migrating the tech behind your processes is not enough

The new standardized SAP Fashion Management application delivers one-stop, end-to-end integration of fashion and retail processes. But this entails more than just migrating to new technology. In addition to technical expertise, developing and implementing an end-to-end omnichannel strategy for the fashion sector requires a wealth of experience – not just with SAP and e-commerce solutions, but also with the retail and wholesale processes, as well as on the manufacturer side. Conventional software providers cannot make this crucial contribution to omnichannel because they simply lack the industry-specific and strategic perspective, the specific process expertise, and the transformation methodology.

Consulting expertise is needed

KPS has the necessary process and application expertise, across the entire value chain, plus a standardized methodology – from front end to back end. The heavily practice- and process-based Rapid-Transformation® methodology gets users involved in setting up the individual processes from the get-go, avoiding missteps and boosting employee acceptance of the new solutions.

Perfectly coordinated processes are vital for smooth implementation of the SAP Fashion Management application. KPS boasts more than 15 years’ experience in the fashion and retail sectors.

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