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Integrated product development

Standardized system environment optimally integrates development

Fashion groups with multiple brands and lines can benefit enormously from integrating their product development into the ERP system. New product launches are accelerated while costs for interface management, for example, are eliminated. How this process can be optimally integrated into a growth and omnichannel strategy is shown in this example of a premium and luxury retailer.

The challenge

The heterogeneous processes and systems of the various brands and lines had grown individually and needed to be standardized. In doing so, the fashion group aims to further increase its efficiency, establish new sales channels, and lay the foundations for further growth. To achieve this, master data for strategic processes must be made centrally available. Information management for downstream processes also needs to be accelerated. There should no longer be any technically complex interfaces between the various development environments and the central Enterprise Resource Management. System requirements for the new omnichannel strategy should also be created.

The solution

To harmonize, standardize, and integrate the fashion group’s product development processes into the value chain of its various brands and lines, KPS collaborated closely with the customer to develop an integrated product management system (KPS iPDM) for the group and implemented within a standardized software system environment. KPS iPDM went live at the customer in just a few months. 

To optimally integrate the product development processes into the value chain, KPS established clear structures together with the customer’s business and IT experts, enabling new products to be seamlessly integrated into the relevant brands, lines, and processes from a central point of control for maximum efficiency. The product development environment was integrated into the customer’s ERP system based on the Rapid-Transformation® Method, which allowed the project duration to be significantly reduced.

The customer benefit

Thanks to standardized IT processes, the group can access all its master data more quickly and in higher quality. Transparent, less complex systems prevent errors. Downstream processes such as price calculation, purchasing, and production are accelerated and offer savings in terms of interface maintenance, general maintenance, license costs, and downtime. All processes and systems are scalable and omnichannel-capable.