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KPS extends its partner portfolio with the community platform Voycer

KPS and Voycer are working together to promote the community spirit among retailers. Voycer's marketing technology increases interaction on the brand site by allowing users to register and inspire each other with authentic content. This user-generated content is effective in customer retention and recommendation marketing.

Customer feedback has a major impact on portfolio, brand development and corporate image. An online community can enable interaction between customer, brand and employees. Content can be freely viewed, solutions to any problems can be found quickly. Content written by customers strengthens the bond to the brand and creates trust with new customers.

Voycer provides the technological basis for building and expanding such an online community. The SaaS solution can be integrated quickly and is powerful. Voycer provides the tools, KPS the experience of how to successfully use blogs, tutorials, product tests and other topics to strengthen customer loyalty to the brand and products. In doing so, KPS supports its customers in integrating the platform into the existing system landscape and linking it at exactly those points where it makes sense for the community.

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