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KPS and CoreMedia: connecting content and commerce

The business is relevant content. With CoreMedia, it's faster, more effective, and more personalized. And available where users need it, at all digital touchpoints.  That's what CoreMedia stands for. As a global provider of digital experience solutions and a longstanding partner of KPS, CoreMedia delivers a high-quality content platform, thus expanding our wide-ranging solution portfolio by adding the content factor. By integrating content and commerce, we're optimizing the digital shopping experience together.

With multiple touchpoints and a growing number of content formats and channels that want to be served, high-quality content is more in demand than ever. And the demand is continually increasing. Relevant personalized content that has added value for the target groups is particularly important in retail and e-commerce when creating individual brand experiences that transform customers into devotees. Yet in practice a content gap usually quickly appears, as the demand for valuable content is growing more quickly than the capacity to create it.

CoreMedia Content Cloud steps in here, offering personalized experiences and reusable content for various channels, websites, regions, and in multiple languages. The platform is designed for business and enables content to be integrated seamlessly into an e-commerce platform. Teams can work optimally together on a central user interface.

Here's the view of Bernd Burkert, KPS partner and member of an international CMS expert group: “With its modern architecture, CoreMedia can supply all types of front-end services, while giving the business user full control of the content application. This is where it stands out from its competitors."

Since 2005, KPS and the global content platform provider have been working on orchestrating and providing more consistent and personalized experiences for all digital touchpoints. CoreMedia, headquartered in Hamburg, has been setting standards in content management, digital asset management, and e-commerce integration for over 20 years.

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