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KPS is Certified Partner for AI-supported software by Celonis

Process Mining offers a simple, interactive and fast way to visualize processes. Based on the data already available in the IT systems, processes can be visualized in a user-friendly way. This gives a company an objective view of its business processes: What is already working very well and where are there points of friction and potential for optimization?

Celonis was founded in Munich in 2011 and is market leader for AI-based process mining and process excellence software. As a Certified Partner, KPS, the leading consulting partner for the retail industry, uses Celonis' Process Mining technology for its customers in transformation projects to identify and realize significant savings potentials.

The AI-driven analysis automatically identifies process variants and their variables. Process disturbances can be detected and underlying causes for deviations can be found. The AI-based process wizard continuously analyzes data so that improvement potentials can be identified in real time. Those involved can thus be informed immediately so that concrete measures can be taken. The result is leaner and more efficient processes that are continuously optimized.

Rapid-Transformation® method integrates Process Mining

Consulting by KPS using the Rapid-Transformation® method is end-to-end: Processes are considered and optimized from the first to the last step across all functional areas and company boundaries - from product development, manufacturing and procurement to delivery or purchase by the end customer at the dealer. The Celonis technology is now becoming an integral part of the KPS Rapid-Transformation® method. KPS customers will benefit from it when realigning their processes as well as later in productive operation for continuous data-based success control and optimization.

The cooperation between KPS and Celonis already started in 2019 on a project-related basis. The official partnership was concluded in April 2020. The certified consultants of KPS now support ongoing customer projects together with Celonis.

Celonis expert Christine Huschenbeth, partner at KPS:

Applications like Celonis can help build the foundation for elegant and sustainable methods. On this objective and fully system-supported basis, employees can communicate better with each other.

Steps in Process Mining

The Happy Path -
Data is collected and provided from the various systems, not only from SAP, but from all common ERP systems. For this purpose, all systems involved in the process are connected to the cloud and the data is transferred. Based on the data, the straightforward "Happy Path" for the selected process is displayed: This is the (currently) most optimized process. The graphical visualization is user-friendly and easy to interpret.

Validation - Based on the result, the analyst validates the Happy Path and finds potential for optimization. All deviations from the main process are shown. Processes that have crept in over years become visible - all workarounds and special processes. For the analyst it is now a matter of identifying the causes and developing the optimizations.

Discovering potential - In order to implement the potential that has been identified by the analysis, the necessary measures must be taken.

Continuity - The processes can be monitored continuously. This allows the effect of the measures to be analysed very quickly and, if necessary, directly controlled and modified.

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