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Everyone playing that's why KPS! Together - the customer takes centre stage

In today’s Omnichannel world, the customer determines how he or she interacts with the brand. Most important to him and her, are convenience and speed and, increasingly, personalized interaction and offers. Marketing, e-commerce, sales and service must work together to offer the customer exactly what he or she wants: the best experience. This is not only true for the B2C, but also the B2B business, across all channels and at all touch points. Those companies who are able to deliver an individual, unique experience will have
customers who are loyal to the company and brand in the long-term.

E-commerce is about much more than just selling merchandise online or services on the internet. That’s why we advocate all-inclusive SAP solutions, which deliver leading-edge support for omnichannel commerce, as well as high-performance e-commerce and marketing platforms.

That’s why KPS!

Our experts are familiar with all CX solutions and know exactly how to integrate them with each other. We already have successful customer references in all SAP CX product areas today. Not only our SAP CX knowledge is required for integrated process chains across all specialist areas, but also our many years of experience in the so-called digital core – ERP and logistics systems.

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