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Submit control of data to the customer

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a Europe-wide directive for the handling of personal data was created for all EU residents. Companies must obtain the express consent of their customers to process their personal data. However, the decisive factor for companies here is not the implementation of a new regulation, but: The focus should be on the customer's perception and the resulting benefits for the customer relationship.

Customers expect more transparency about the handling and use of their own data and are increasingly demanding that they themselves determine what data is collected and who handles their data and how. Companies should therefore present themselves as trustworthy and offer the customer maximum transparency and control over their own data. Involving the customer builds trust in the company and strengthens the digital relationship with the company. Seen in this light, the efficient implementation of the GDPR is therefore an opportunity for companies to build greater trust with their customers and to achieve a closer, long-term customer relationship.

However, the technical implementation of the GDPR is challenging companies. 
How can be ensured an optimal customer experience at all touchpoints in omnichannel commerce can be offered to the customer, while achieving maximum transparency of the data collected and processed?

KPS trusts in the functions of the SAP Customer Data Cloud in combination with the entire SAP C/4HANA portfolio.

SAP Customer Data Cloud for customer loyalty and data protection

The SAP Customer Data Cloud includes the SAP Customer Identity, SAP Customer Consent, and SAP Customer Profile solutions and satisfies the increasing requirements for data protection.

SAP Customer Identity offers the ability to establish a company-wide uniform registration and login process at all touchpoints. This does not only improve the user experience for the digital customer, but also helps to avoid multiple, different registrations. SAP Customer Consent supports compliance with data protection regulations. SAP Customer Consent provides centralized storage of consensus, creating the foundation for permission- and trust-based marketing. For maximum transparency, customers can view and manage their consents, giving them control over their own profile information and preferences for communication and marketing activities. Additionally, the company always complies with the latest data protection requirements.

The collected customer data from the different channels and logins is merged in SAP Customer Profile. SAP Customer Profile combines the data from SAP Customer Identity and SAP Customer Consent and enriches it with additional attributes of the customer to form a uniform customer profile. This allows data silos in the company to be dissolved and the customer experience to be boosted across access points and user devices using efficient individualization. This is always done in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.

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