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A leader in business transformation

Cost and complexity often mean that companies are reluctant to invest in processes and technologies. KPS makes complex transformation projects manageable, controllable, and rapidly implementable – through a winning combination of proven methodologies and experienced experts.


To successfully transform your business, you need answers to the following questions:


  • How do I implement innovative ideas and business models as quickly as possible?
  • How can I ensure that specialist departments and IT are on board?
  • How can I achieve a high degree of standardization plus customized processes for critical corporate divisions?
  • How do I avoid costly technical development work today and in the future?
  • How do I avoid excessively long delays between the formulation and final acceptance of requirements?
  • How do I avoid typical consultant pyramids with an excessively high percentage of juniors?


With our integrated view of strategy, processes, technologies, and people, we help you to reduce complexity and risk. Instead of remodeling existing processes and IT landscapes, we use our Rapid Transformation® approach to build a completely new system. Only then can you truly implement innovative concepts and achieve genuine operational and cultural change within your company. Only then can you – together with us – enjoy long-term business success and evolve into a customer-orientated, IT-driven company.

Why does KPS advise to rebuild an omnichannel platform instead of expanding the existing one?


The classic, segmented approach breaks a problem down into individually resolvable projects. This only gets you so far however.

You may have a website, customer loyalty programs, and a social media presence, but then you hit a wall: Real-time synchronization of all goods movements and customer movements is not possible. And it becomes increasingly expensive to keep everything going as before.

Today, 80 or even 90 percent of a new platform can be built using standard packages; in other words, you can stop throwing money at your legacy systems and instead invest it all in a new build.

This way we can use all the tools, especially the IT, of a pure play company, without needing to take any account of the status quo. The company’s expertise can thus be leveraged more successfully, and innovative ideas and processes can be rolled out without existing legacy landscapes holding you back.

From merchandise management to customer management focus

Very few consulting companies cover the entire spectrum along the value chain. In the past, the focus was on a well-integrated, functioning merchandise management system. Today, this is the prerequisite for the new focal point: a well-integrated and focused customer management system. It is vital that companies swiftly, and systematically, orient their business model toward their customers. This calls for the right strategy, innovative processes, as well as appropriate, proven, new technologies.

We believe that you can achieve your goals even faster and smarter with one consulting partner, rather than with several different ones. Industry-specific process chains are not limited to only one business unit, they cover all of your company’s corporate divisions: integrating end-to-end e-commerce, marketing, sales, service, finance, procurement, sourcing, store and merchandise management, and logistics.


We have been continually developing the KPS Rapid Transformation method since the company's foundation. We understand that, for our customers, it is vital to implement new initiatives as swiftly as possible and see an early benefit from innovative concepts and models.

To facilitate this, we rapidly deliver custom, individualized process chains for companies on the basis of the standard software stacks of the market leaders. We continue to invest in tools, content, people, and technologies to enable our customers to implement the latest processes and technologies even faster and smarter.

They experience no media gaps between strategy, process, and implementation in the software solution, and enjoy complete transparency at all times. This reduces risk, complexity, and accelerates projects by up to 50 percent.

From strategy to system transaction – a holistic transformation project

Strategy. We work with you to determine the strategic guidelines for your transformation project – always derived from your corporate goals.

Change Management. Our Active Transformation Management program ensures that executive sponsors, key users in the relevant departments, and IT are involved in the project from a very early stage. Departments are familiarized with the new system processes in only a few weeks, not only being able to visualize them, but also to present them to colleagues independently in structured walk-throughs. We also support end-user on-boarding, guaranteeing a swift go live.

Processes. We identify synergies and potential improvements, providing you with our continuously updated and best-practice sector-specific process chains. By customizing these chains to your requirements and linking them with standard, market-leading software solutions, we help you translate your strategic and operational goals directly into tried-and-tested system processes.

. Our preferred technology partner is SAP. We implement your company's custom process chains in the system right through to pilot go-live – for a region, a brand, or a specific division – and roll-out to the downstream divisions. 

The right partner for your planned transformation. KPS.

The success of a transformation project, irrespective of the industry or scope involved, largely hinges on the expertise, experience, and implementation skills of your consulting partner. Our aim is to give you the optimum support for your project.

From strategy through to turnkey process integration, technology implementation, and final operation. A partner you can rely on. KPS.

Reshape and transform rapidly. Your business in a digital world.

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