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KPS helps companies address customers in a  targeted and personalized manner for sustained customer development.

Marketing, sales, and service have to work together if you want to deliver a seamless, personalized customer experience across all channels. We support you in the implementation of omnichannel, customer-centric processes that integrate marketing, sales, commerce, and service end to end.

The new Customer Experience Suite from SAP (fka SAP Hybris Marketing) is central to this. For the first time, all areas, including customer data management, are fully integrated within SAP’s C/4HANA Cloud.


Understanding your customers is the key to addressing them intelligently and appropriately in real time and across all channels. The necessary segmentation takes only a matter of seconds even when there are millions of data records. To the customer, the complex processes in your company ultimately appear simple at all touchpoints.

Develop a standardized view of your customer data and update the overall profile. All departments will then be able to deliver personalized experiences on every channel.

Update your marketing processes with real-time insights about marketing performance and data-controlled decision-making processes. This will give you a better understanding of the effectiveness of your campaigns, allowing you to make well-informed marketing decisions. Your marketing activities will also be perfectly tailored to the individual channel and customers.

Our consultants are on hand to give you the support you need to target the right message at the right recipient at the right time.


Sales processes, in particular, have changed considerably as a result of digitization and the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Office and field-based sales staff require constant access to reliable, up-to-date data from all channels wherever they are. The SAP Sales Cloud supports the entire customer-facing process, from meeting planning and performance through follow up. And because everything is based in the cloud, it is ideal for sales staff in the field who can manage everything on their mobile devices.

Processes are automated with additional control information supplied by performance management and reporting.

KPS assists with analysis, evaluation, design, and results-oriented implementation. Within the scope of innovation management, KPS experts also provide you with advice on strategic issues regarding methods and security in cloud computing.


Your customers expect 24/7 availability. Your service employees must therefore be able to respond swiftly and directly to customer inquiries, even complaints, and always give a measured response. In the best-case scenario, your aim should be to transform a dissatisfied customer into an extremely satisfied customer who both endorses and promotes you and your service. It is also vital to actively monitor, steer, and control social media.

Our consultants will help you take your customer service to the next level with the SAP Service Cloud. You can also leverage new technologies such as chatbots or AI.

“Locality and unique customer loyalty are key elements of our day-to-day business. With the new SAP platform, we create even more added value for our customers and can significantly enhance their shopping experience.”

Sigrun Löffelholz, Head of Marketing GLOBUS

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