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Driving growth with your supply chain

Flexible supply chains get the right product to the right place at the right time. Today’s global markets demand ultra-fast response times. To master this challenge, sales and global logistics have to be perfectly coordinated. What’s more, optimized warehouse capacity management is key to driving successful growth.

Businesses seeking to cut costs and hone their competitive edge are adopting new approaches to supply chain management. But how do you create the ideal relationship between costs, inventories, throughput times, delivery capability, and responsiveness? KPS experts and the right cutting-edge technologies provide the support you require.

Customer needs are constantly changing. In the retail sector, it is especially difficult to rapidly identify these changes and respond equally quickly. Often the existing supply chain lacks the required flexibility. Particularly in the online channel, fulfilment errors all too often prompt discerning consumers to take their custom elsewhere. An agile supply chain and hybrid fulfillment models are key for customer-focused organizations.

Leveraging supply chain potential

Optimizing processes for exchanging goods and information touches the very heart of a company. Any changes here require an integrated and agile methodology and approach – every step of the way, from suppliers to customers and back again. This also enables quick wins to be identified and swiftly put into practice. This is precisely KPS consultants’ area of expertise.  They know the latest supply chain trends and the potential they hold.

In cost-optimized supply chains, supply reliability and maximum flexibility are of the essence: made-to-measure processes are a long-term competitive advantage because they are hard to emulate. To take your processes to the next level, you need to evaluate technology platforms and how you manage external service providers. The first step is to identify improvements that can be achieved quickly. Next, additional improvements requiring longer lead times are determined.

Implementing processes, leveraging best practices

What is truly important for your customers? This wish list is your starting point for optimizing the supply chain. KPS consultants zoom in on costs and benefits throughout your goods flow. Drawing on these insights, they single out the capabilities that will give your company a genuine competitive edge:

  • Customer satisfaction: Availability of goods across all sales channels, support for all delivery scenarios, short order lead times

  • Cost reduction: Optimized warehouse locations (decentralization or centralization), product groups optimized via production and warehouse locations, optimized personnel and inventory costs, optimized inbound and outbound processes 

Once the processes have been defined at all levels, your logistics partners have been involved, and all the requirements the new system has to meet have been specified, the implementation process begins. It is handled by highly specialized KPS consultants. Working hand in hand with you, they select the standard software solutions or individual components needed, and perform the necessary adjustments. Any custom interfaces required are a further component. This approach enables new, real-world business processes to be rapidly validated in the system.

Real-time reporting

  • Reliability: Reliable data and information deliver support for sound decisions, enabling you to respond to changes in the supply chain – fast.
  • Transparency and risk minimization: Transparent processes enable you to identify sources of error faster and take appropriate countermeasures.

Extensive experience in the industry and of the supply chain, plus in-depth software knowledge, is essential. A high degree of methodological and project expertise is also required. Taken together, all of these components are key to the successful implementation of your supply chain project. KPS also supports its clients with change management, teaming up with user departments to develop the necessary expertise and making sure employees are behind the new processes right from the start.

Flexible, tailored supply chains are an important growth driver in competitive global markets. KPS gives its clients the support they need to analyze the entire goods flow in detail. This provides the foundation for optimized processes in line with your specific needs, enabling sustainable competitive advantage.

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