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A retail company’s actively managed core assortment is a reliable source of revenue. But customers also want articles that are not in the standard assortment. Meeting this demand is costly, but it is also extremely important for customer loyalty in omnichannel business. Integrating different marketplaces expands companies’ own offerings. 

Integrating your own marketplace with others is one way of expanding your range of merchandise. This not only eliminates costly administration of separate goods flows for “occasional” products, it also enables you to meet demand for articles not included in your own assortment. What’s more, it opens up opportunities for generating additional revenue. Standardized interfaces to your own retailing system enable you to pursue a strategy of cooperation with new partners. This enables retailers to scale the use of their existing systems and leverage new growth opportunities.

To achieve this, you need to adopt an end-to-end approach and integrate the marketplace into the company’s omnichannel processes. An approach of this kind is the basis for achieving a functioning expanded marketplace

Sound planning: the key to hitting targets

The first step involves selecting potential marketplace providers with whom agreements must be made and contracts negotiated. Next, best practice process models are leveraged to achieve end-to-end business process integration.

To provide seamless integration and ensure smooth communication between the supplier platforms, all relevant interfaces have to be defined, developed, and carefully tested prior to commissioning. Alongside article master data and prices, this step includes the quantities of an assortment available on the required delivery dates. In addition, the purchase order has to be managed with reference to the original sales order. Delivery and settlement data are another point on the list of requirements for an expanded procurement platform. What’s more, processing returns and creating credit notes have to be clarified and integrated in advance. Market aspects also have to be taken into account: how does the user interface change when customers jump to a marketplace? Do they remain within the retailer’s shopping experience?

If you’re aiming to flexibly expand your existing marketplace, KPS specialists can support you with their end-to-end approach. They provide you with comprehensive one-stop service – from planning through to building and technical implementation. And expansions to your marketplace are integrated with the technology and look and feel of your existing sales channels as a matter of course.

The KPS team gives you advice and assistance throughout your project and can even handle support and ongoing optimization after go-live, if required. Benefit from extensive experience of the KPS All-Star consultants.

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