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Logistics platform optimizes processes

Globalization has brought lasting changes for retail. Today’s retail companies cooperate with many suppliers and logistics services provider across the globe. This gives rise to complex networks in which a wide variety of information is exchanged and vast volumes of data are moved. A shared platform helps to manage the information flow professionally and steer data flows productively.

Data is the cornerstone of successful business relationships. Every day, relevant information on production or delivery processes is exchanged between partners, modified, and returned so that there are no interruptions to production and supply chains. Changes or discrepancies have to be detected, communicated, and processed, irrespective of location and time zones. Time is money, so on-time delivery is vital for your reputation. Late arrivals annoy customers, weaken your competitive position, and can result in contractual penalties or other additional costs.

Optimized communication between global partners

Alternatively, you can implement a shared platform on which all the partners involved collaborate. This has numerous benefits. All partners have timely access to relevant information, in the same format and the same version. This creates transparency. For example, all changes are immediately visible to all partners. All project stakeholders can rapidly initiate all the necessary steps. This reduces or completely eliminates potential interruptions in the supply chain

The supplier has the option of reporting delays or other events directly. This notifies logistics services providers, for example, in good time, enabling them to adapt their planning. All events are clearly documented on an integrated platform. Their potential effects are transparently presented across the entire supply chain, right through to the target country.

End-to-end supply chains are an important component of business success in today’s globalized world. KPS consultants have the necessary industry skills and are experts across the entire retailing and e-commerce spectrum. They will help you set up an integrated logistics platform, enabling you to communicate smoothly across all locations and time zones.


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