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Strategy: The challenge is digitalization

Digital transformation means changing the DNA of your company in an effective, agile manner.

The impact of digital transformation is causing headaches for many companies. 

Typical questions are: Will values and network ecosystems – some of which took decades to develop – be suddenly called into question by new technologies and the resulting new business models? And how does digital transformation offer opportunities for gaining new profit sources?

At Infront Consulting & Management, a KPS subsidiary, we have over 15 years' experience in business model development and digital transformation. We're right behind you when you want to protect your market position and boost your competitiveness.

We believe that digitalization must lead to a continuous, strongly accelerated evolution in the business world. To partner you in achieving this, we've divided our services into three phases: 

  1. Strategy: Here we guide you on the path of individual market development. Our destination and goal is to intelligently use existing values and to create new values by optimizing, expanding, or redesigning the current business model.
  2. Innovation: Strategic ideas are tested by innovation units and promising results are scaled to the market.
  3. Transformation: Here, new models are transferred to the core organization – to people, customer relationships, systems, and processes.

Our experience in more than 14 sectors, with over 50 clients, clearly demonstrates that digital transformation is not a one-off test of strength, but an iterative, permanent, and, above all, individual process. That's why we'd love to talk to you and identify how we can contribute to your success.

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