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KPS Summer Run 2019 - IT'S on again!

It's time to collect kilometers for a good cause!


From June 21 to September 23, 2019, the KPS summer run is taking place for the second time.

As a team, as a company, we want to help children and young people who have a difficult path to walk in life.  


For that reason, our consultants and their families have taken out their running shoes and will be on the road all summer long, all over Europe, and collect as many kilometers as possible.   


KPS is donating 0.25 cents per kilometer, and this year we have set ourselves a really big goal: Together we want to run around the world - in other words, we have to cover more than 40,000 kilometers. Together with Leonardo Musso, our Chief Executive Officer, the best runners will hand over the donations to projects for children and young people in Germany, Denmark, Spain and England.

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