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KPS AG is one of top 10 providers of digital experience services

New Lünendonk list regards DXS

Munich, October 13, 2020 - In the Lünendonk list "Leading providers of digital experience services in Germany", published for the first time in 2020, KPS AG was ranked among the top 10 service providers. KPS supports companies throughout Europe in matters of digital innovation and customer interaction as well as in the implementation of digital experience platforms. KPS consultants have successfully implemented projects in the field of Digital Experience Services (DXS) at Elkjøp, MAN Energy Solutions, XXXLutz, Coop Norge or Ochsner Sport.

The new Lünendonk list provides an overview of which service providers on the German market offer a comprehensive portfolio of Digital Consulting Services, Digital Agency Services and Digital Technology Services. The combination of these service categories is called Digital Experience Services by Lünendonk. The ranking is based on the total turnover of the service providers as well as the turnover shares in the three service categories. Of the 20 companies listed and over 30 companies examined, KPS AG ranks tenth, with a focus on digital consulting and digital agency services. 

KPS AG provides support in trend topics such as Customer Journey and Omnichannel

The background to the list is the expected high demand for services that help to improve the customer experience along the customer journey. Lünendonk identifies topics such as omnichannel strategy and end-to-end automation as central building blocks and estimates the market volume for DXS in Germany at 7.1 billion euros. KPS consultants have been supporting companies in these areas for 20 years. Successful projects have been carried out for major German and international brands such as Elkjøp, ElectronicPartner, CHRIST Juweliere, Innogy, XXXLutz, MAN Energy Solutions or Coop Norge. 

DXS decisive for digital competitiveness

"We are very proud to be among the top ten providers of digital experience solutions right from the start. The new Lünendonk list shows that the customer experience is becoming increasingly important for B2C and B2B companies - also as a result of the Corona pandemic," comments Matthias Nollenberger, Vice President KPS. "With our experience from the retail segment, we now also support companies in many other sectors such as industrial engineering, manufacturing, logistics or also, for example, insurers and service providers. Every time we are asked for support by these companies, it shows us that we are right where we belong."

The new Lünendonk List 2020 "Leading providers of digital experience services in Germany" is now available for free download at

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