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SAP Concur Travel & Expense Management

Set new standards for your Travel & Expense Management with KPS & SAP CONCUR

KPS Nordics is the first Value Added Reseller for SAP Concur in the Nordics. With this development, we can support our clients much closer and they will benefit from a more agile and dedicated partnership together with us!

“The KPS consultants are leading experts in implementing SAP Concur in the enterprise space. Far-reaching stakeholder management is key to successfully standardizing business processes in complex environments. KPS has a good relationship with our SAP Concur team based in Prague, which greatly benefits all customers.” Dan Lillie, Regional Director SAP CONCUR

Martin Pedersen,
Head of SAP Concur Competence Center KPS

Tel.: +45 (70) 277 276


Mobile, user-friendly, cost-efficient. Go 100% digital.


  • Be on the safe side with KPS: We have been a trusted partner of SAP for years!
  • Whether you have 20 or 20.000+ employees - our team helps you implement successfully!
  • Global or regional - with SAP Concur you are 100% compliant to all regulations!
  • For your employees it gets easier and for you it gets more cost-efficient!
  • Ask our customers why you should work with our experts!
“KPS’ strong expertise within global expense management processes, implementation approach, and their proven best practices have convinced us. The consultants’ expertise when it comes to expected hurdles and their extensive knowledge of SAP Concur were the decisive factors for us.” Jakob Tranberg Nielsen, Project Manager VELUX GROUP

Compliance, control and transparency

Cost reduction, better conditions

User-friendliness and mobility, real-time status information

With SAP Concur companies not only meet compliance regulations, they now manage all information and documents transaparently in a single app.

Company travel guidelines, exceptions, receipts that upload automatically, hotel and transportation booking - all in one platform.  

KPS focuses on rapid implementation, user-friendliness, mobile access, and observance of compliance guidelines, global and regional legislation as well as financial targets.  

Credit card withdrawals or photos of receipts are simply transferred automatically to the expense report.

The automated process reduces administrative effort and costs and ensures total transparency.

Users can not only enter their travel expenses quickly and easily from any mobile device; they can also view the status of their travel expenses at any time and are automatically notified when they have been reimbursed.

The changeover to the fully digital and mobile system facilitates internal reviews of compliance, financial targets, and legal regulations.

It also considerably reduces the error rate in accounting.

Reporting is easy for users and management alike.

The transparency that the SAP Concur solution delivers for all expenses, including flight, hotel, and car rental costs, also enables our customers to negotiate better conditions with partners.

Employees benefit from quick-and-easy entry, forwarding, and approval of their expense claims. On top of that they manage everything related to their travel in one application, mobile or at their desk.