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Globus: create true customer value

„KPS hat es in sehr kurzer Zeit geschafft, eine stabile SAP-Systemlandschaft für das gesamte Kunden-Management zu implementieren. Sowohl die Migration der Kundendaten als auch die Anbindung an Bestandssysteme verliefen reibungslos und zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit.“

Bernd Grande, Leiter IT GLOBUS

Facts & Figures


  • One of the largest family-owned retail chains (Germany)
  • 46,000 employees
  • 7,71 Billion EUR Turnover
  • 47 Hypermarkets (DE)
  • 15 Hypermarkets (CZ)
  • 13 Hypermarkets (RU)
  • www.globus.de


  • Fortification of customer loyalty by expanding and further developing the "My Globus" customer loyalty program
  • Expansion of the multichannel process capabilities for the 47 self-service department stores in Germany
  • Migration of over one million customer data records
  • Legacy systems could not fulfill the requirements of the new data protection guidelines of the EU GDPR


  • All information and data about Globus customers is consolidated and available in the CRM system
  • Data warehouse system delivers cleansed payment information of customer purchases which is automatically assigned to customer profiles and distributed to other systems
  • Customers are addressed in an even more personalized way in marketing: complex, target-group exact campaign management, individually targeted coupons and offers
  • Regional adaption of a newsletter with local promotions and offers
  • Customer Identity, Consent and Access Management  (Administration of customer profile, acknowledge and consent management) according to the GD-PR


  • KPS Rapid-Transformation® Methodology
  • Alignment of processes and built of a Globus process model adhering to KPS best practice and IPC logic
  • Go-live in two phases


  • SAP Customer Experience Suite
  • SAP Marketing Cloud (fka Hybris Marketing)
  • SAP CRM inkl. Loyalty
  • SAP Customer Data Management (ehem. Gigya)

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