SAP Solution Architect

SAP Solution Architect

Non-technical competencies

  • Passionate about enabling successful digital outcomes and commercial benefits for clients
  • Natural facilitator, able to lead client workshops with mixed groups of stakeholders
  • Highly personable and collaborative – a true team player
  • Strong communicator (verbal & written) as well as strong listening skills
  • Conscientious and thorough, with good attention to detail
  • Natural ability for analytical thinking, options analysis and problem-solving
  • Instinctive curiosity and interest in how technology can improve business efficiency and customer experience
  • Organised and able to prioritise own workload to ensure deadlines are met

Key responsibilities & duties

Plan and lead the architectural activities for large client-facing projects particularly during project definition and discovery.  These activities include:

  1. Participating in the scoping of requirements
  2. Helping to define guiding architectural principles and to help ensure these principles are followed
  3. Coordinating and facilitating architectural workshops both for the client and for the internal development team
  4. Ensuring all relevant design documentation is passed over to the technical architect and/or development team
  • To lead clients and development teams towards the best possible solution, meanwhile ensuring the clients and internal teams remain confident in the approach
  • Work collaboratively with the client’s architectural team / senior technical team, building strong and trusting relationships
  • Perform the analysis and design for the high-level solution and associated integrations
  • Provide detailed options analysis to assist a client with key solution design decisions

Create the high-level solution design and architecture deliverables required to fulfil a particular work package, e.g. for Project Discovery this would include:

  1. High level integration diagram & other architectural models
  2. Data entity catalogue & data mastering
  3. Integration catalogue
  4. Key design decisions and their supporting documentation
  • Playback architectural deliverables to the client and iterate as necessary
  • Work closely with a Technical Architect to define the data model as well as jointly engaging with third-party partners to understand their integration approach and assess the robustness and complexity of each integration along with defining the high-level integration methodology

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