A woman shopping and taking pictures of clothes with her mobile phone
A woman shopping and taking pictures of clothes with her mobile phone

Instant Platform KPS/style

Business Ecosystem for Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle Brands


Mit innovativen Technologien und exzellenten Partnerschaften liefert KPS nachhaltige Wertschöpfung

The goal

Transformation as dynamic as your industry

The entire retail sector is undoubtedly one of the areas with the highest degree of digitisation worldwide: if you look at the retail sector with fashion, lifestyle and luxury goods, you can see that in many places investments have been made in customer-oriented processes and applications, as the competitive pressure and the desire for differentiation is particularly noticeable and lasting here. The increasing acceptance of omnichannel purchasing on the customer side is challenging CIOs and executives in the industry to also adapt their operational core business processes to these sustainable trends on the customer side.

Ein stilisertes Netz aus verbundenen Punkten

The Insight

From the value chain to the ecosystem

Customers' expectations of seamlessly linked sales channels are growing and shopping behaviour is increasingly digital. With integrated business scenarios, the advantages of an omnichannel model can be leveraged effectively and the brand can be experienced by the customer in a memorable way. This also requires some technological skills: On the one hand, to use modern, mostly cloud-based and integrated architectures with a high degree of standardisation and automation and, on the other hand, to be able to react flexibly to developments in the entire ecosystem. 

The head start

Standardisation and individualisation - a contradiction?

Best practice processes and targeted customisation offer real added value for your customers and your brand.

In-house developments and modifications of formerly standard applications that have grown over the years, as well as expensive functional process deviations in specialist areas, stand in the way of this goal. Cut off old tress and invest in a new building - but without embarking on a risky project lasting several years. KPS/style is a ready-to-use platform on which you will find state-of-the-art processes for fashion companies end-to-end - from merchandise management to the shopping basket in the online shop and a personalised customer experience - immediately accessible and at the same time with room for differentiating individualisation. Just as every collection has its own signature, our platform can also be adapted to your corporate handwriting.

KPS reduces complexity and gets customers to their destination faster. Speed is a decisive factor in today's fashion market!
Lars Radoor Sørensen, Chief Operations Officer PUMA SE


How your transformation can benefit

Reason to believe

Instant Value. Instant Innovation. Instant Safety.

Instant Transformation mit einer KPS Instant Platform bedeutet sofortige Wirksamkeit auf allen relevanten Ebenen. Sie werden den Unterschied spüren – und ebenso Ihre Kunden.

We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information or invite you to a "test drive" of the platform at our Design Centre. Please contact me!

Contact person

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Prof. Claus Bühs, Partner KPS

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