KPS Expert Talk

KPS Expert Talk

Elkjøp, Nordic's largest electronics retailer, defies Amazon

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Julia Paulsen, Director of E-Commerce Nordics, Elkjøp

Julia Paulsen, Director of E-Commerce Nordics, Elkjøp

Tech and data enthusiasts, author, digital expert and E24 leader talent. Oda advisory board member. Her motto is "what you can't measure doesn't exist" and she lives by this by continuously testing, basing decisions on data, not assumptions, and always focusing on the customer.
Jørgen Klüwer

Jørgen Klüwer, Vice President, KPS Nordics

Experienced manager in the area of Digital Transformation with a demonstrated history and track record in both the Retail and Consulting Industry. Skilled in People Management, Business Strategy, Negotiation, Coaching, Process Optimization, Retail, and E-commerce.
Philipp Krueger

Philipp Krueger, Partner, KPS AG

Pioneer of strategic digital business: commerce, marketing automation, personalisation, technology, always focusing on the end customer. Over 15 experience in implementation and strategy projects, from developer to C-level consulting.


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