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Return on Customer Interaction (ROCI)

Delivering better performance in marketing, sales and service

The goal

Inspire customers, reduce costs, conquer challenges with strength

We want our clients to be commercially successful in the market today and tomorrow. For us, this also includes permanently measuring, analysing and optimising the effectiveness of customer interaction across various channels, measures and processes. In this way, we enable our clients to both reduce their costs and inspire their customers at the same time.

Ein Netz

Return on Process Optimisation - the strengths:

  • Structured and transparent benefit assessment prior to process-driven transformation
  • Fine-tuning of the transformation programme with a view to the critical value controls
  • Target KPIs for the business process control centre aimed at continuous optimisation in ongoing operations
  • Implementation for the client or with the client as desired

Instant Transformation

Noticeably improve the effectiveness of customer interaction

With KPS ROCI, we combine excellent knowledge, innovative tools and exceptional processes into two efficient basic models with which our clients noticeably improve their return on customer interaction:


  1. A data-driven way to significantly reduce budgets and costs for marketing, sales and service - e.g. during a crisis, with the least possible damage to customer satisfaction, brand image and medium-term growth opportunities.
  2. A constantly refinable optimisation tool for customer interaction budgets to achieve the best target combination of customer satisfaction, growth and use of resources.


With innovative technologies and excellent partnerships, KPS delivers sustainable value creation

KPS works with the leading solution providers to deliver on our promise: High-performance solutions for Commerce & Services, with the best engineering on state-of-the-art architectures. Our partner network includes regional and global providers and is based on strategic, trusting and sustainable cooperation.

Success stories

ROCI works. Fast, commercial, covering all sectors

The success of the KPS ROCI approach speaks for itself – it’s measured and reflected in our clients’ success. Here are some examples that prove its effectiveness.


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Thomas Sindemann, Vice President KPS

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