Hidden champion in the consumer goods & retail sector 2024/25

Forward thinker and realiser for consumer goods and retail

KPS is Hidden Champion 2024/25


Recognised as a thought leader and implementer for the consumer goods and retail sectors

Munich, 21 December 2023 - KPS has once again been named a Hidden Champion of the consulting industry, a seal of quality that is awarded every two years and this year is based on the responses of over 1,000 top managers at German companies. The award was presented for the Consumer Goods & Retail sector, in which KPS successfully focuses on digitalisation strategies and the further development of customer experiences. The prestigious seal of quality positions KPS among the top 30 consulting firms in Germany and underlines not only its high level of consulting expertise, but also its in-depth industry know-how and pronounced customer focus.

The ranking of the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB) reflects the special trust of clients in the consulting services of KPS.

The analysis of the consulting companies under consideration took place in a three-stage process: first, potential hidden champions were identified by a panel of experts. Following a preliminary study on the general suitability of the identified candidates, the main study was carried out to evaluate the finalists in detail.

The most important criteria for the Hidden Champion Award were analysed with the help of a preliminary survey: In addition to industry and methodological knowledge or analytical skills, thought leadership, ability to implement, communication skills, as well as teamwork and price level were evaluated in particular. The ability to implement replaced analytical skills as the most important criterion when choosing a consultant; thought leadership returned to the top 3.

The results of the award show what a challenge it is to compete successfully in the top segment of the market. This year, 30 consulting firms have asserted themselves as hidden champions in various thematic and industry-related segments of the consulting market.

Overall, consulting firms in Germany could once again increase their turnover in 2023 compared to the previous year: the industry expects growth of around twelve per cent to EUR 48.8 million.

Idea development necessary for a variety of specific topics

As a conclusion of the surveys conducted as part of the study, it can be said that in today's world, good advice alone is no longer enough; proposals need to be put into practice together with the client. The top managers surveyed also attribute a great deal of expertise to consultancies that are not generalists. In view of the large number of specific topics that require in-depth expertise, the development of ideas in the corporate field takes centre stage.

The Hidden Champions Study 2024/25 is available for download here:
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