High flexibility, multisource, and speed of innovation with partner Enterspeed

High flexibility, multisource, and speed of innovation with partner Enterspeed

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Collaboration with Enterspeed for successful composable architecture

Munich, 23. January 2024 – As a consulting partner for the customer-centered transformation of companies, KPS AG has decided to accelerate the digital transformation in partnership with Enterspeed. The new partnership between KPS AG and Enterspeed marks a significant step towards high flexibility, multisource integration, and speed of innovation. Both companies recognise composable architecture as a key driver for modern technology developments. Joint customers can now benefit from a developer platform that can be implemented quickly, making it easy to change and combine data sources without relying on manual backend integration.

The introduction of Enterspeed’s content federation layer is designed to enable collaboration on global projects by working across teams, platforms, and frameworks. Customers benefit from accelerated delivery of results and can work without blocking the front end with the back end.

This innovative solution not only takes the efficiency and agility of development processes to a new level but also promises an inspiring era of digital collaboration, enabling organizations to shape the future of technology with confidence and dynamism. The Enterspeed content federation layer marks a milestone on the road to flexible, powerful, and frictionless digital transformation.

The KPS Composable Booster contains all essential software components for Commerce Core, Content Management, Search, and relevant APIs. Software components are already integrated – it is possible to replace alternative software products as required simply.

With the Booster, KPS has developed a front-end and a progressive web app (PWA) that significantly improves the usability of web shops and customer portals.

The partnership between KPS and Enterspeed helps to accelerate the dynamics of digital transformation in companies and strengthen their adaptability and innovative strength. This foundation serves to successfully master the challenges of modern companies in terms of technology and efficiency.

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