Omnichannel at its best: a cell phone with the Christ store

CHRIST Jewelers

Omnichannel at its best: always where the customer is

Case Study

Excellent performance across all channels

With more than 200 stores, CHRIST is a familiar sight in the streets of Germany. Its family of brands, CHRIST, VALMANO and BRINCKMANN & LANGE , CHRIST Juweliere und Uhrmacher seit 1863 GmbH unites over 120 marks under a single roof and runs an equally successful in online business and that is where we came in.

There is always further growth potential, even if your website is already running well.

In just a few months, KPS expanded CHRIST's already high-performance online shop into a genuine customer interaction platform. The focus is always on ensuring the quality of customer experience instore is reflected online too. Being a high-end retailer, only the best would do for CHRIST. 

A unique transformation journey – going from good to excellent

With its "customer first" strategy, CHRIST set itself the goal of excellence across all touchpoints in order to create a seamless customer journey.  

A traffic and lead magnet thanks to smart fine tuning

KPS is supporting the traditional Hagen-based company in its efforts to transform its online shop into a platform that consistently offers customers the very best experience across all touchpoints.

The move to the cloud with a connection to an individually designed, modular shop system was the right solution for CHRIST.

By migrating to a cloud based digital platform, KPS was able to deliver an easily scalable solution that delivers a truly optimised customer journey cross all of the CHRIST brands.

This solution also ensures that CHRIST can continue to rely on its cost and planning security for its strategic growth.

Thanks to the fine-tuning of the online shop, CHRIST is now always able to be exactly where the customer wants to make contact - thanks to a well-thought-out customer journey.

Significant results for the jeweler

Despite CHRIST's previously successful digital presence, the consistent omnichannel approach succeeded in achieving remarkable results and assisting in a new era of omni-presence for the jeweler.

2 circles - one circle shows 70% mobile conversion increase. The other 60% increase in web traffic

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