Are Next-Generation CFOs Expanding Their People Skills?

Are Next-Generation CFOs expanding their people skills?

Next-Generation CFO

Develop and articulate high levels of emotional intelligence

As businesses evolve, it has become clear that leaders that can develop and articulate high levels of emotional intelligence will have profitable businesses and loyal workforces.

Become more accessible

People skills

The practical step all CFOs can take today to become more empathic leaders is to become more accessible to their workforces. Regular meetings with teams and individuals when needed create closer working relationships. Workers should feel confident that they can give feedback to their managers without fear of damaging their career progression. Create open discussion forums which include CFOs as this fosters trust and inclusivity.

work/life balance and trust

The value of emotional intelligence

CFOs are now the cornerstone of successful businesses, not just because of their financial acumen, but also their abilities to understand how wellbeing, work/life balance and trust are key skills they need to support the development of their enterprises.

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