Discover untapped potential: KPS Health Check for SAP Concur

Discover untapped potential: KPS Health Check for SAP Concur

KPS Health Check for SAP Concur

Is your SAP Concur really delivering all the value you paid for?

Implementing SAP® Concur® is a success decisive digitization step for your company. This makes the tailored integration and optimal use of the Travel & Expense solution even more important. The KPS Health Check examines the fitness of the business processes in which SAP Concur is involved. The detailed inspection reveals possible application problems and hidden optimization potential. In doing so, the diagnostics capture the organism of your company as a whole and consider not only technical but also strategic and organizational aspects.

The KPS Health Check for SAP Concur provides a comprehensive diagnostic. Configuration and integration of the overall system are evaluated in a review based on best practices and long-term experience. The findings allow for the tailored optimization of your SAP Concur solution.

Why health-checking your SAP Concur is crucial

Health Check

Why health-checking your SAP Concur is crucial

Imagine the KPS Health Check like a routine medical examination for your SAP Concur. Even if there are no obvious complaints now, a closer look at the status can reveal serious signs of impending efficiency losses and cost risks. That's why it's even more important to have a thorough inspection preventively ensuring that necessary SAP Concur optimizations are carried out in time before consequential damage becomes obvious. When checking the health of SAP Concur, we perform a targeted review of how your organization is using the Travel & Expense solution and how it could make even better use of it in terms of proven best practices.


How are health check results documented?

The KPS Health Check for SAP Concur on the one hand results in an abstract of the findings which we present as a screenshot. On the other hand, we provide a long list of findings which we are taking the client through. It illustrates in detail the areas of investigation, recommendations, and comments.

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