Devices, machines, plants, components

Devices, machines, plants, components

Radical new thinking

From the islands to the platform

After the impulses on the production side through Industry 4.0, many digital lighthouse projects have emerged on the market side through enormous innovation efforts in recent years. The problem with these lighthouse projects - they do not shine. It turns out that the hoped-for savings on the cost side and the additional growth on the revenue side have not materialised. If you look at the map of initiatives, you often find a number of well-made isolated solutions that were deliberately created to avoid unwanted dependencies on the core organisation. Companies have learned so much.


However, these isolated solutions are not suitable for the increasing demand for digital sales and service concepts and the higher market penetration of "connected" products.

A seamless customer journey is also becoming increasingly essential in mechanical and plant engineering. Companies need to move away from individual silos to connected platforms.
Frank Deburba Vice President KPS AG, Management Infront Consulting


Time to convert the islands into a platform solution

On the one hand, a platform can exploit the digitalisation advantages on the cost side and, on the other hand, map the customer journey as an end-to-end experience from initial interest to search and purchase to delivery and subsequent service. To this end, we have built a digital platform that is the only one of its kind on the market: KPS/growth - Instant Platform for mechanical engineers and component manufacturers. For the first time, all of your industry's market-facing processes are united with the best technology components available on the market on a single business platform, instantly accessible and ready-to-use - and this for all customer interactions and dockable to the operational core business. Best of all, KPS/growth grows and changes with the needs of the market and your organisation, scales internationally in both functionality and performance, and is well positioned for the future. Press the start button with us.

We approached the topic of digitalisation and possible consequences with an almost playful approach. Today, this is one of our main topic areas that we have organised across the board.
Stefan Reutter Head of Strategy, KSB AG
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Innovative B2B platform

Leading manufacturer of pumps, valves and related services

The digitalisation of pumps with KSB Guard on a B2B platform: sensors on the pump, data processing in the KSB Cloud, information available on the move via the KSB Guard web portal or with the KSB Guard app.
Arsenal Direct Onlineshop Website


Lifting Solutions for Commercial Vehicles, Ships & Stationary

The Austrian world market leader for construction cranes and mobile cranes is developing and re-evaluating the customer journey for all touchpoints with the help of KPS.


Market and technology specialist for sealing technology

The Freudenberg Group has been supported by KPS for many years in the area of Business & Application Management in the further Market and technology specialist for sealing technology development of business processes as well as in the support of the existing SAP systems. 
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Lincoln Electric

World market leader for welding equipment and solutions

KPS has been working with Lincoln Electrics for several years and supports the manufacturer in the expansion of the global Digital Enterprise SAP platform. The integration of acquired companies and their products and services into the existing process and system landscape is just as much part of the ongoing project initiatives as the organisational integration of the new companies into the group structure.

Interview: Cesar Robledo, IT Business Solution Manager Celsa Group, about the integration of Air Liquide, France, into the existing SAP systems.

The integration of Air Liquide into Lincoln Electric was the most successful SAP implementation project we have ever carried out in our company.
Cesar Robledo IT Business Solution Manager, Lincoln Electric

We would be happy to introduce you to KPS/growth - Instant Platform for mechanical engineers and component manufacturers. Ask for a short meeting!

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