KPS Post Implementation Services for SAP Concur solutions

KPS Post Implementation Services for SAP Concur solutions

KPS Post Implementation Services

Operational excellence for SAP Concur Travel, Expense and Invoice

The KPS Post Implementation Services for SAP® Concur® is a support service that helps your business .get maximum benefits from SAP Concur solutions after the system is up and running


Our dedicated and experienced KPS SAP Concur team helps with any technical issues or questions around SAP Concur Travel, Expense and Invoice. The support service is available 24/5 Global-wide. All services are tailored to client-specific needs and are adjustable.


The KPS Post Implementation Services for SAP Concur Travel, Expense and Invoice improves and enhances the solution's use, compliance & governance, tactical business management and operational application management


Some of our services for Application and Business Management on SAP Concur solutions


  • Integrations | Support, Monitoring, Payroll Package, Card feed Package
  • Reporting | Best Practice Deck
  • Release Notes
  • Documentation

Choose the right partner

Work together with one of the most experienced and largest SAP Concur teams in Europe

With KPS, you will benefit from an agile and dedicated partnership. KPS is a trusted partner of SAP and one of the first partners in the Nordic region to get the certification for implementing SAP Concur.


Our dedicated and experienced SAP Concur support team helps with any question or issue around SAP Concur solutions as quickly as within 24h. The Post-Implementation services are adjustable to your company's needs and requirements. Whether you are a company of 20 or 20.000+ employees, KPS has experience in all different sizes of SAP Concur Post-Implementation service agreements.

KPS Post Implementation Services for SAP Concur solutions benefits


Our promise to our clients

We help you future-proof your SAP Concur application and processes while ensuring the proper support to your business.


Our offering is fully scalable and close to your business with a unique set of service packages from application management to business process optimisation. KPS delivers continuous innovation in all SAP Concur solutions business areas.

The KPS experts have a proven understanding of processes and in-depth business knowledge, including the different requirements of individual countries. As a result, we brilliantly manage the implementation and support of SAP Concur in collaboration with KPS. We now have an innovative and user-friendly solution, the benefits of which we can continue to use worldwide in the long term thanks to KPS' professional business management services.
Claus Leth Christensen IT Director at Grundfos

Our clients

Our clients that benefit from SAP Concur solutions

KPS’ strong expertise within global expense management processes, implementation approach, and their proven best practices have convinced us. The consultants’ expertise when it comes to expected hurdles and their extensive knowledge of SAP Concur were the decisive factors for us.
Tina Havnemark Rasmussen Senior Front Office Accountant VELUX GROUP


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