B2B Data Challenges: Building a Single Customer View

B2B Data Challenges

Building a Single Customer View

B2B Data Challenges

Data is to the 21st century what oil was to the 18th.

Initially, an immensely untapped valuable asset just waiting to be extracted and used by those who see it as something to guarantee huge rewards. Data is no different for businesses selling to businesses. With this so important, the next step is not just about having more of it but using what you have in the most effective way possible. Enter the Single Customer View (SCV). 

Collecting Data

How you Collect Data is Important

The way you collect your data so important because the demographics at an organisation will always be changing and information from multiple data-silos needs to all be brought into one place. If you don’t have a clear single record for each customer, then it’s going to cause problems with your data and make communication far less effective. Once you’ve got that information and journey right, it becomes easier to target customers with the correct Customer Experience.

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