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Mirka Case Study

Next generation B2B omnichannel experience

Case Study

Redesigning an omnichannel experience for customers

Starting in Spring 2020, against the challenging backdrop of the pandemic, a cross border, hybrid KPS team worked against the clock to help Mirka redesign its B2B customer portal. With an archaic legacy online store slowing them down, Mirka wanted to create an omnichannel experience that would allow them to grow and interact with their customers at a deeper level.

As an international B2B company in the manufacturing industry, we knew that to continue growing our business we needed to focus on digitalisation and providing our distribution partners an outstanding online experience.
Sanna Repo, General Manager, Channels and Marketplaces at Mirka


Mirka - the world leader in surface finishing technology

Headquartered in Finland, Mirka is a world leader in surface finishing technology and offers a broad range of ground-breaking sanding solutions, power tools and polishing machines for the surface finishing and precision industry.


A roadmap for a CX transformation

Using an industry-leading consultative approach, KPS took valuable time to understand Mirkas end vision, the touchpoints in their partner journey and the future it wanted to be working towards.

The process started with customer journey mapping, which presented all the customer touchpoints, and identified existing barriers to interaction and engagement. Once this was done, KPS had a roadmap for a CX transformation.

In KPS we found the right transformation partner that helps us in our digital CX transformation and can provide us with best practices from the B2B and B2C Industries.
Sanna Repo, General Manager, Channels and Marketplaces at Mirka

 True partnership KPS & Divante

The project was a true partnership. Divante, the leader in e-commerce oriented progressive Web Apps, and the core contributor to Spartacus Storefront, took the reins on the UX and Front-End elements, KPS UK built and developed the SAP Commerce Cloud version 2 core platform and SAP Sales Marketing Cloud. At the same time, KPS Germany implemented SAP Customer Data Cloud.


All of this was built on Mirka's own customer ERP, but KPS had the expertise and experience Mirka needed on the team and meet any complexities with innovative solutions.


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Barnaby Moffat, Commercial Director of KPS UK

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