2 men with VR glasses
2 men with VR glasses

Process-driven transformation

Simply make companies better

The goal

Develop potential

IT Systems and core operational processes are vital to a company’s future success. Digitisation and new technologies unlock significant potential within these areas, setting you apart from the competition.

Instant Transformation

Improve efficiency, flexibility and scalability with KPS

Through our enterprise and IT system transformations, KPS can help you to optimise your internal processes, increase productivity, flexibility and scalability. Using our experience and  in-depth knowledge of your operational needs, we can help you realise a fully integrated end-to-end solution.

Profound impact across the organisation

Our programmes and platforms

KPS Instant Platforms approach means that your transformation can start with just the push of a button.

By combining best practice and market-leading technologies for all core operational activities, we have created comprehensive solutions that cover every business and commercial area of a business. KPS Instant Platforms are ready to use, delivering a high level of standardisation while enabling targeted customisation – lifting your head and shoulders above the competition. They are scalable and modular, meaning investments already made in your infrastructure can be protected and built upon at any time.


In this way, KPS offers our clients a fast, consistent and best practice transformation path and, along with KPS iDEAL Alignment and Individualisation Packages, we guarantee the highest degree of transformation security.


Targeted and ready to go

Our process-driven solutions and services

With our immediately effective and multiple award-winning products, our clients can accelerate digital transformation in the areas that are most important to them. Our extensive expertise not only leads to rapid results right from the start, but also helps to develop seamless integration into the company's longer-term business processes.

We have laid the foundation for the digital transformation of the s.Oliver Group. Integrated processes and a central database ensure transparency and help us to act faster and in a more customer-oriented manner, thus setting an important course for our future.
Dirk Schneider Chief Digital & Operating Officer S.OLIVER GROUP


Know more, act better

Success Stories

This is how other companies have started the digital transformation with KPS process-driven

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