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Supply Chain & Logistics

New competitive advantages are already on the way!

The goal

Developing the supply chain into a growth factor

Digitalisation opens up extensive opportunities for companies to grow and transform their logistics and delivery processes into real competitive features with new services, value-adding business models and scalable IT platforms. KPS offers a unique combination of strategic consulting and the highest level of implementation expertise - ready to use!

New Technologies

Customers are now benefiting from KPS ARRIVE!

Clear directives, early information and transparency on all orders in real time ensure the successful collaboration of all participants in the digital supply chain.


From the chain to the net

Environmental and sustainability aspects in particular, but also demographic change or trends such as personalised products present new challenges in supply chain management. At the same time, digitalisation opens up new opportunities.

Self-driving vehicles, raw pipeline systems covering the last mile, automated loading and unloading in ports and postal distribution centres, self-learning algorithms and sensors that autonomously control spare parts procurement in the smart factory, constant monitoring and flexible adaptation of delivery routes or alternative drives - the individual competences in these areas and the ability to react flexibly will play an essential role in a company's competitiveness in the future.

What's more, these competences and skills make it possible to create and establish real unique selling points with new services and business models.
The decisive entrepreneurial challenge lies in the transformation of the silo structure of today's supply chains - characterised by fixed delivery schedules, analogue communication channels, lack of visibility of free capacities, limited scaling options and high capital commitment - to flexible network structures of a digital and smart supply chain, which are defined by six target characteristics.

Case Study

Acceleration of multimodal transport

Multimodal transport is the transport concept of the future - modern, efficient and sustainable. In order to unlock this enormous growth potential on the business side, Hamburger Hafen & Logistik AG wants to pursue new avenues beyond the mere management of transport networks. The strategy consultancy Infront, together with the consultants from its parent company KPS, has devised and realised a new business model of an innovative and open-supplier mediation and booking platform called Modility. The platform brings together providers and potential buyers of transport services in intermodal transport quickly and easily via an online portal.


With innovative technologies and excellent partnerships, KPS delivers sustainable value creation

KPS works with the leading solution providers to deliver on our promise: High-performance solutions for Commerce & Services, with the best engineering on state-of-the-art architectures. Our partner network includes regional and global providers and is based on strategic, trusting and sustainable cooperation.

Interview mit Tobias Götz


Measuring the supply chain

Digitalisation can mark the difference between businesses and competition

Tobias Götz is Managing Partner and Supply Chain Specialist at KPS. With his expertise, he is the right contact when it comes to transforming megatrends, IT know-how and individual company situations into competition-changing logistics solutions.

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Tobias Götz, Managing Partner KPS

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