Supply Chain Network Design

Supply Chain Network Design

Designing logistics networks sustainably

The goal

Successfully scaling the logistics network as a central value-adding factor

Changes in the ecosystem affect the retail logistics network: digital distribution channels require an increased focus on last mile and parcel delivery. Regulatory requirements for sustainability targets intensify the conflict of objectives between cost efficiency and delivery quality. Scaling supplier capacities make it necessary to adjust inbound logistics. In addition, company acquisitions and sales are changing the flow of goods. Established logistics networks are therefore often no longer able to make their value contribution as a successful value creation factor.

Ecosystem analysis

Our "situation table method": analysis of the ecosystem, visualisations of the structures and detailed comparisons


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Success Stories

How we support your company with the design of your logistics network

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We would like to answer specific questions about your future logistics network

  • What relevance do geopolitical changes have for my logistics network?
  • What security policy requirements will geographic nodes (suppliers, production plants, warehouse locations) in my logistics network have to orient themselves to in the future?
  • How do changing demand priorities determine material flows and the selection of logistics service providers along the supply chain?

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