Senior Frontend Developer SAP eCommerce Agency

Senior Frontend Developer

Current Vacancies

Key responsibilities & duties

  • Work on SAP Commerce projects, working on new implementations or supporting existing Continuous Improvement projects
  • Be assigned tickets from Jira to add new functionality to the application or to fix defects in current features
  • Create clean, well organised and structured code that meets business/user requirements and quality standards
  • Assist back-end developers with effective implementation of front-end templates, HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Ensure optimal utilisation of web standards best practices, semantic front-end markup, structured stylesheets, and efficient javascript for development and production
  • Be willing to own a feature through the development life-cycle, from requirements gathering to implementation, testing and post-release support
  • Review pull requests for peers and feedback with any comments and suggestions
  • Join sprint planning meetings to help elaborate ticket detail and estimate the effort required for stories, tickets and tasks
  • Be able to communicate well within the team both face-to-face and via electronic means, e.g. Slack, email, Jira. There may be a need to communicate with the client via Jira to get more information about a ticket

Qualification, Skills & Experience

  • 5+ years front-end development experience
  • Knowledgeable in front-end web technologies (including HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), jQuery, LESS/Sass)
  • Experience with BEM or other similar CSS naming convention methodologies
  • Experience with Object-Oriented JavaScript and Object Literal
  • Proficient in Bootstrap UI Framework and Responsive Web Design
  • Git and Gitflow
  • Extensive knowledge of browser compatibility issues, limitations, support and upcoming support
  • Practical Implementation of Web Accessibility Standard
  • Practical experience in REST-full applications development
  • Experience in design and implementation of localized web sites
  • Practical experience in working with tools and frameworks, like Gulp/Grunt, Bower, Webpack, NodeJS/npm, Babel
  • Knowledgeable in performance optimization tools, techniques and best practices (SpeedCurve, WebPageTest, Lighthouse / Web vitals)

Non-technical competencies

  • Passionate about enabling successful digital outcomes and commercial benefits for clients
  • Highly personable and collaborative – a true team player
  • Strong communicator (verbal & written) and a good listener
  • Conscientious and thorough, with a good attention to detail
  • Organised and able to prioritise own workload to ensure deadlines are met
  • Driven by tangible results and outcomes
  • Natural ability for analytical thinking and problem solving

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