With personalisation into the Cookieless World
With personalisation into the Cookieless World

With personalisation into the Cookieless World

The goal

Welcome to the 'Cookieless Future'

Cookies are an essential pillar of online marketing. Their tracking is considered the most common method of identifying users on the internet - the basis for personalised experiences. However, government regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and growing user awareness of privacy issues are putting increasing pressure on the industry. As a result, several major browsers announced they would stop supporting third-party cookies.

Marketers and advertisers have to take action now in order to continue to offer their customers an excellent personalised experience in the future. The basis for all solution approaches is therefore a well thought-out strategy for first-party data. KPS has developed a four-step approach to successfully master the way into the "Cookieless Future".


End of the cookie era = end of personalisation?

Carlo loves cookies - but only those with chocolate chips, not the ones with raisins. He is always happy when he recieves coupons and special offers for his favourite type. However, he is worried that not only does his local supermarket know about his preference for the chocolate variety, but so does the supermarket around the corner.
By not using third-party cookies, retailers regain the trust of their customers. Google may have put the cookie issue on hold for now, but "Postponed is not canceled!" Marketers should act now and find new ways to approach their personalisation strategy.

Cookie Evolution

The future of advertising without third-party tracking

GDPR & personalisation: not a contradiction, but the recipe for success

Cookieless Targeting

Personalisation in the Cookieless World

The development of cookie alternatives takes time

Marketers need to find cookie alternatives to continue to provide personalised offers and content to their customers. These are essential for long-term customer loyalty - which in turn leads to increased sales. But most alternatives for the cookieless future need time to develop their full potential - just like a good cookie dough.

Download Cookieless Future Guide

Cookies - and what's next on the agenda?

The successful way into the Cookieless Future


We pave your way into the Cookieless World


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