Google Marketing Datawarehouse: Power through BigQuery!

Power through BigQuery

Google Marketing Datawarehouse

Google Marketing Datawarehouse

Google Marketing Datawarehouse: Power through BigQuery

The Google Marketing Data Warehouse combined with Google BigQuery is a powerful combination that best meets the future needs of data-driven marketing platforms. Learn why this unique combination is critical to your business in our latest blog post.


Whether in eCommerce, finance, healthcare or other sectors, the Google Marketing Data Warehouse combined with Google BigQuery allows you to efficiently manage and analyse large amounts of data and gain valuable insights for your marketing strategy.

Google BigQuery is a powerful platform for real-time data analysis and querying of large data sets. It offers businesses the ability to efficiently manage, analyse and gain valuable insights from their marketing data. As part of the Google Cloud offering, BigQuery enables seamless integration with other Google marketing tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. With its scalable and high-performance architecture, BigQuery is ideal for all companies that want to effectively process large volumes of marketing data.

Fast data processing in real time

BigQuery provides fast, real-time data processing. Through integration with other Google marketing tools, marketers can seamlessly merge data from multiple sources and perform comprehensive analysis. This enables agile response to market changes and optimised targeting of marketing activities.

True scalability to handle growing data volumes

BigQuery offers true scalability to deal with growing data volumes. Regardless of the size of the organisation or the amount of marketing data generated, BigQuery can efficiently process and analyse this data. This allows you to flexibly adapt your data strategy and react quickly to new requirements. You can count on Google BigQuery to help you keep pace with your growing data volume in the future.

Deeper insights into your data

BigQuery gives you deeper insights into your data through advanced analytics like machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can build complex queries and predictive models to gain precise insights into customer behaviour, buying patterns, customer segmentation and other relevant aspects.  By creating complex queries and developing predictive models, you can create personalised marketing campaigns that are tailored to your customers' individual needs. This not only increases marketing effectiveness, but also customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Intuitive interfaces

Google BigQuery has many intuitive interfaces that offer easy deployment of analysed data into BI tools, such as Lookerstudio or Microsoft PowerBI. Bring data from all your source systems together in one tool to make enterprise-wide, data-driven decisions. Results can not only be visualised, but also delivered to your eCommerce or marketing system in real time to take your personalisation options to the next level.

Compared to traditional databases, Google BigQuery offers a number of advantages that prove to be a solution to some of the challenges of traditional databases. The main problem with traditional databases is their limited scalability. When companies are faced with growing amounts of data, traditional databases often reach their limits and become slower in processing.

Another problem with traditional databases is the complexity of data modelling and querying. With traditional databases, creating complex queries often requires specific expertise and detailed planning of the data model to achieve optimal results. This requires technical know-how and can sometimes be very time-consuming.

In addition, traditional databases can be costly, especially when it comes to storage and processing large amounts of data. Providing and maintaining your own data infrastructure involves significant investments in hardware, software licences and IT staff.

Google BigQuery addresses these issues effectively. It offers a highly scalable cloud-based architecture that enables organisations to process large amounts of data with ease. BigQuery leverages Google's infrastructure and resources to ensure fast and efficient data processing, regardless of the size of the data or the number of queries.
In addition, Google BigQuery offers a user-friendly query language. With simple queries, marketers and data analysts can easily access their data and perform complex analysis without extensive technical knowledge. This speeds up the analysis process and enables faster insight generation.

Google BigQuery is used on a pay-as-you-go basis. Companies only pay for the resources they actually use, without having to invest in expensive hardware or software licences beforehand. This not only enables a cost-effective start-up with fast ROI, but also cost-efficient data analysis and processing, especially for companies with fluctuating data traffic or seasonal requirements. With the help of cost tracking, costs can be easily recorded and analysed per query even at seasonal peaks.

A Google Marketing Data Warehouse based on BigQuery opens up the possibility of exploiting the full potential of your marketing data and preparing optimally for the future. With BigQuery as a powerful data analytics platform, you can not only manage your marketing data efficiently, but also perform extensive analyses to gain valuable insights on which you can base informed decisions and optimise your marketing strategy.

A Google Marketing Data Warehouse based on BigQuery offers you several advantages:

Real-time processing of large amounts of data

Scalability for constantly growing data volumes

Advanced analytics like machine learning and artificial intelligence

Overall, a Google Marketing Data Warehouse based on BigQuery represents the future of marketing. It allows you to effectively use your marketing data to make informed decisions and continuously optimise your marketing strategies. Investing in such a system today will ensure that you can successfully compete in the fast-paced and data-driven environment and accelerate your growth to best prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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