Future-proof your eCommerce tech stack

How to future-proof your eCommerce tech stack

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KPS’s CTO, Tim Hillman, discusses how retailers can adopt a more composable approach to their tech stack to meet customer expectations, beat the competition and enjoy compounding returns over time.

We’re moving into an era where customer expectations are changing at a breakneck speed—both in the B2C and the B2B world.

This is especially true in eCommerce where new tools seem to emerge every single day and the way we shop and discover products continuously evolves. This puts retailers in a rather precarious position where they have to constantly change and adapt while keeping their infrastructure safe and secure.

Depending on their level of digital maturity, this can be challenging for different reasons. For instance, companies that rely on a monolithic infrastructure (i.e. they have one enterprise software to handle all aspects of the business) may struggle with technical debt and may not be able to implement change fast enough. Those who sit on the composable end of the spectrum (i.e. they use best-of-breed apps) may struggle with keeping it all tight and secure. 

This begs the question then—how can businesses meet customer expectations and even beat their competition without ripping their whole tech stack apart? And how can they do so securely without breaking the bank?

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