Order Management with SAP – A Short Guide to SAP OMF


SAP Order Management Foundation: What the new order management solution can do

SAP is strategically pivoting towards cloud-centric solutions, aiming to provide more scalable, agile, and flexible service offerings. This transition reflects a broader industry trend, emphasizing the importance of accessibility, innovation, and real-time data processing in the cloud. By doing so, SAP is positioning itself to meet the evolving demands of businesses seeking to leverage the power of cloud technology for enhanced operational efficiency and growth. SAP started reimplementing several core products like SAP CAR Omnichannel Article Availability, and SAP CAR POS-DTA and started implementing new features in their cloud products only, starting to abandon several on-premises solutions. One of these new cloud-native solutions is SAP Order Management Foundation, aka SAP OMF. SAP OMF runs on the SAP Business Technology Platform using cloud-native technologies.



KPS has successfully concluded a project that integrates SAP OMF into the order processing sequence. The system went live several weeks ago and is now efficiently handling approximately 6,500 orders on a daily basis. It's important to note that SAP OMF, which is an acronym for SAP Order Management Foundation, is often misunderstood; it is not a comprehensive order management software but rather serves as the underlying layer that supports such systems. So, what is not included in SAP OMF?

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