KPS SAP Sapphire 2023 Barcelona

The Perfect Match - ERP and CX

KPS at SAP Sapphire 2023

Personal exchange

The global SAP community comes together

Evolve quickly or get left behind. That's everyone's reality today. This is why the entire global SAP community comes together once a year to connect and share knowledge. Join us at the SAP Sapphire event in Barcelona to.



Discover what is already working, nderstand what organisations need today and what solutions are available for you to meet the challenges ahead. Immerse yourself in our expertise, which will help you to achieve greater agility, transform your business, and unlock the potential in your people.

Two days of concentrated power, various customer success stories and exciting presentations. And very exclusive: EXPERIENCE and FEEL: THE KPS INSTANT PLATFORM as well as the success story about the complex and successfull Coop Danmark transformation project.

You should not miss this

Coop Denmark Success Story + ComposableCX


NEXT Highlight

LIVE Customer Success Story

25. May 2023 at 12 pm (CEST)

Coop ONE is a complex transformation program that Coop Danmark successfully implemented. Coop ONE's program director shares insight into the project at Denmark's largest grocer. The program successfully combined SAP S/4HANA Cloud with leading modern customer experience applications on the front end for customers, store owners, and franchisees.
KPS Composable


The best of both worlds: Composable Architecture as a bridge between Customer Experience and ERP

From a company's point of view, composable platforms can save its existence. After all, the pandemic has exposed weaknesses in business models that for years were focused on efficiency.  But Corona is only one trigger. Other possible motives are the loss of previous international markets - as can be seen in Russia's war against Ukraine - and the urge to quickly compensate for this with other markets, or the start of a B2B company in the D2C business, i.e. in direct sales with end customers.

The Composable Business Architecture is the essential bridge between corporate strategy and its operationalisation.

Insights from practice

Our speakers for the LIVE session

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Questions? Contact our responsible event manager, Arta Ismajli.

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Arta Ismajli | KPS Event Management

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