Struers SAP Concur Support Service by KPS


Expansion and Ongoing Support of SAP Concur Expense & Invoice

Case Study

Struers engaged with KPS for SAP Concur Expense & Invoice support services

In 2017, Struers recognized the need to standardize its company's global expense and invoice management processes. After a thorough selection process, Struers chose SAP® Concur® Expense & Invoice. A solution with a global fit was essential to ensure a simple and intuitive platform for each group entity based on an established governance model that could be deployed worldwide.


KPS uses proven agile methodology and best-practice business processes

For the support process, KPS established a helpdesk to address user queries related to SAP Concur Expense & Invoice. The helpdesk team provides quick resolutions, best practice suggestions, and guidance on effectively utilizing the system's features.

Post Implementation Services

Valuable service support even beyond implementation

Today, KPS is the only SAP Concur partner in the Nordics who delivers support for SAP Concur and currently has over 25 customers. Traditionally, support for SAP Concur has been delivered by SAP Concur only. Today, customers can also choose support from local, dedicated and certified partners.


KPS accompanies companies during implementation and ongoing operation with a comprehensive package of accelerators, the so-called KPS Post-Implementation Services. Thanks to the good relationships built up during the implementation phase, the KPS consultants provide valuable support afterward with well-thought-out business management services. 


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Andreas Pagh Andersen

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