KPS/style Instant Platform for Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle Brands


Instant Platform for Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle Brands

The goal

Transformation as dynamic as your business

The entire retail sector is one of the areas with the highest degree of digitalisation worldwide: if you look at the retail sector with fashion, lifestyle and luxury goods, you can see that in many places investments have been made in customer-oriented processes and applications, as the competitive pressure and the desire for differentiation is particularly noticeable and lasting here. The desire for a seamless connection of all sales and communication channels (omnichannel experience) presents CIOs and managers in the industry with the challenge of also adapting their operative core business processes to these sustainable trends on the customer side.

KPS reduziert Komplexität und bringt Kunden schneller ans Ziel. Geschwindigkeit ist ein entscheidender Faktor im heutigen Fashion-Markt!
Lars Radoor Sørensen, Chief Operations Officer PUMA SE


The KPS/style Instant Platform benefits at a glance


Mit innovativen Technologien und exzellenten Partnerschaften liefert KPS nachhaltige Wertschöpfung

Platformise your transformation

Instant Value. Instant Innovation. Instant Fashion.

Instant transformation with a KPS Instant Platform means immediate effectiveness at all relevant levels. You will feel the difference – and so will your customers.

The platform is a product that we have already pre-built based on the most advanced software currently available on the market – SAP S/4HANA and customer-focused cloud solutions. You receive the KPS/style platform at a fixed price. If you wish, we can define the necessary framework parameters such as organisational structures with you in the customisation package and identify all touchpoints to third-party systems that are to be seamlessly integrated. We also identify the processes specific to your company that deviate from the standard and require customisation – in order to secure competitive advantages for you in the future.

We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information or invite you to test the platform at our Design Centre.


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Prof. Claus Bühs, Partner KPS

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