KPS Composable Booster

KPS Composable Booster

The quick start for your composable architecture


Increase website performance and sales

Does your online shop, customer portal or marketplace have poor loading times? Are your customers bouncing more and more frequently, and are the conversion rate and sales deteriorating?


Then, it's time to reorganise your system architecture!


But don't worry: with our KPS Composable Booster, this is faster, easier and more cost-efficient than ever before. 

Ready to use

Software products from these partners are already predefined in the KPS Composable Booster

Your advantages

Quick start to composable architecture

Get the edge over your competitors with the KPS Composable Booster!

1. Significantly better customer experience

Websites load at top speed with a lightning-fast frontend by KPS based on React and NextJS and a backend-for-frontend layer. Good for the customer experience - and your sales. 
.KPS Composable Booster - significantly better customer experience

1. Best KPIs at all times

With the Booster, you can achieve the highest Google Lighthouse scores of 100% for performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO. So your website runs smoothly at all times. Automatic end-to-end tests of further developments directly on the pipelines ensure consistently high code quality and the maintenance of top Lighthouse scores. 
KPS Composable Booster - Best KPIs at all times

1. Faster, less risky, more cost-efficient

A ready-to-use composable architecture with pre-integrated software components for Commerce Core, Content Management and Search significantly reduces the project outlay. This also minimises the project risk and costs.
KPS Composable Booster - 3.	Faster, less risky, more cost-efficient

1. Best Practices

The booster is based on the experience gained from numerous successful customer projects. So you don't have to reinvent the wheel but can start directly with the predefined best-of-breed software components harmonised in our system architecture from a business and IT perspective!
KPS Composable Booster - Best Practices

1. Customised Frontend

A basic commerce front end with corresponding page types is available, forming the basis for a highly customised front end. In close cooperation with you, we are happy to customise this to your needs and those of your customers.
KPS Composable Booster - Customised Frontend

1. All channels

Whether B2B, B2C or Marketplace - the Booster gives you a quick start on your channels.  
KPS Composable Booster - All channels


What the KPS Composable Booster offers

The architecture template specially developed by KPS takes you quickly and easily to composable architecture.

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