Largest S/4HANA transformation in the Nordics

Coop Danmark

Largest S/4HANA transformation in the Nordics

Supply chain specialist GRAPHYTE becomes part of KPS

Supply chain specialist GRAPHYTE becomes part of KPS

KPS Instant Personalisation

KPS Instant Personalisation

Next Generation CFO

Next Generation CFO

Instant Transformation

KPS quickly turns opportunities into success

KPS is a leading consulting company for digital transformation. KPS successfully accompanies companies on their digitisation journey for all processes – end-to-end from customer interaction to operations to finance, implemented with the best technology components.

Next Generation Platform

Accelerate your transformation!

With our innovative KPS Instant Platforms, you start your journey immediately. You buy a platform instead of a project and implement the transformation of processes and applications in your company significantly faster, safer and more efficiently than with a project approach. This is how you gain the head start you are aiming for. How does this work?

Hot Topics

Get insights into the latest hot topics

The future has already begun and here we look a little further ahead. What are the business models, concepts, methods, trends, technologies, architectures, organisations, products, ideas, discussions and people that will help you secure the decisive advantages for your company in the future? We are constantly on the lookout for you. Stay curious with us.

success stories

Clients that grow their business together with KPS

Industry expertise

European market leader in retail, fashion, wholesale and partner for all

We are the leading partner for retail and consumer goods, but we also apply our extensive know-how to all companies that focus on the best possible interaction with their customers - no matter what the industry.

Partner Network

Only the best technology solutions for our clients

We work together with the leading technology partners. Our premium partner, SAP, is the foundation of our consulting services for enterprise, customer interaction, analytics as well as system integration and software development. Together with the market and industry leader, we assure our customers a very broad portfolio of future-oriented technologies and solutions.


We are proud of our work!

We are really honoured that so many different and independent parties have recognised us in their awards programmes. However, awards are not a reason for us to rest on our laurels, but an incentive to keep on creating innovative solutions.

Team spirit

Shape the future with us

With us, you drive innovation together with the customers. You use technology to accelerate change and create added value. If you're passionate about new things, have a head full of ideas and want to make a difference, you've come to the right place!

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