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Evolving Digital Commerce

Future focus for eCommerce in 2022

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Convenience and experience are everything

The consumer experience has evolved rapidly from the transactional in-store shopping process to one that’s rooted in deep, ongoing digital relationships. Leading retailers are constantly striving to deliver a better customer experience than their competitors, and as consumers, we’re very used to finely honed checkout experiences, excellent communication, and speedy delivery.


In Q4 of 2021, KPS in partnership with WBR Insights, surveyed 100 leaders in eCommerce and digital across the UK. We wanted to find out what they thought of the future of customer behaviour, online customer experience, digital  solutions, data management, and fulfilment services.


This exclusive report explores key eCommerce focus points in 2022 including checkout optimisation, order fulfilment, customer reviews and data.

60% of brands are sourcing same-day solutions in 2022
Evolving Digital Commerce: Defining the focus for eCommerce brands in 2022


Download the report to find out.....

  • What should brands focus on to improve conversion rates?
  • What do customers care about the most when choosing delivery options?
  • What fulfilment services are the focus for 2022?
  • What data inputs are key to creating a single customer view? 
  • How are brands driving personalised experiences and do customers value them?
  • What challenges are brand facing when implementing new technologies 
80% of retailers offer a personalised website and mobile app experience, with only 40% of respondents in B2B offering web and app personalisation

1. Checkout Optimisation: Convenience and experience are everything

Distracting your customer right at the point of purchase is a clear point of friction in the customer journey. The longer it takes to complete the checkout, the more chance they will reconsider their purchase. 59 of our surveyed respondents from retail and B2B commerce believe that removing forced customer account registrations and allowing quicker checkout options are important to focus on this year.
Der Königsweg der Transformation

1. Future Fulfiment: From the click of the order to box in hand

Unsurprisingly, free delivery was top of both our B2B and B2C respondents priorities, with both sectors hitting percentages in the high 90s. Speed (82%) and convenience (66%) followed closely as the next two most important things their customers care about when choosing how they receive their products.
Sichtbar ab dem ersten Tag

1. Ratings and Reviews: The voice of the customer

Creating relatable, real-life brand ambassadors through exceptional service and meeting your customers’ needs is a guaranteed winning strategy. 67% of our respondents’ organisations are already using product ratings as alternative customer created content.
Sofort einsatzbereite Plattform

1. Customer Personalisation: 3 key challenges

74% of respondents across both the retail and B2B industries said their organisations offer a personalised website and mobile app experience but acknowledged that implementing a good strategy is not without challenges.

The top three personalisation challenges brands face in 2022 are:

  • Delivering personalisation that customers value
  • Measuring tangible ROI from personalisation
  • High costs associated with higher content volume
Schont wertvolle Ressourcen
78% of brand are investing in robust and cutting-edge security solutions, ensuring customers can trust retailers to store their customers’ personal data safely

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