Digital Strategy Composable Enterprise

The paths to the Composable Enterprise

The goal

An agile organisation that adapts quickly to the fast pace of business change

Some people will wonder whether Gartner's neologism refers to the Composable Enterprise or the Compostable Enterprise. But joking aside: the Composable Enterprise describes an organisation that can adapt agilely to the rapid pace of business change (Gartner, Future of Applications: Delivering the Composable Enterprise, February 2020). An absolute necessity and a matter of course, you would think? Yes and no.

So how do you build a functioning Composable Enterprise? At KPS, we see two strategically sensible paths.
Electronic-Händler Elkjøp

Elkjøp, the largest consumer electronics retailer in Northern Europe

A great example is Elkjøp, the largest consumer electronics retailer in Northern Europe, which is proactively countering the onslaught of global marketplaces in its home markets. With the help of KPS, it is currently converting its entire customer business, B2B and B2C, to a new technology platform that enables a significantly higher level of differentiation, but also efficiency in the mapped business processes.
Kundenkarte Globus

Globus department stores' SB

A great example is from one of our customers in the food retail sector, Globus Warenhaus SB: "Click & Collect" was successfully implemented there within only 2 weeks! Step by step, other business capabilities are now following. 
Electronic Retailer Elkjøp

The best way to the Composable Enterprise

The perfect path is designed individually for each company. Markets, people, organisations, processes, application architectures and infrastructures are too different to lump everything together. In our KPS Transformation Design Studio, we present different success patterns for digital transformation and advise our clients on the best way for them to become a Composable Enterprise. To do this, we like to demonstrate our Instant Platforms as a new alternative - platform-based transformation - agile and achievable. This way, management teams can decide which path to Composable Enterprise is best for them.

We would be happy to advise you on your individual Composable Enterprise solution. Contact us!


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Thomas Sindemann, Vice President KPS AG

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