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Digital companies can no longer ignore sustainability

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Digital companies can no longer ignore sustainability

Sustainability has gone in short order from a fringe concern of hippie companies, like Ben & Jerry's, to a forward-thinking means of differentiating yourself in a crowded market, to now: where businesses who don't engage with some sort of green business can expect to be penalised for it. 


After a year of wildfires in Greece and incredible floods in Germany, around a third of consumers are looking at ways they can help confront the climate crisis when they shop.

Nearly six in 10 consumers want to reduce their environmental impact, according to figures from IBM, and seven in 10 respondents say they would, on average, pay more than a third more with brands that they believe to be sustainable.

Businesses are rapidly adapting. It is not unusual to see public companies, like Patagonia and Lush, whose marketing is mostly concerned with describing their green credentials. Even businesses with arguably no natural claim to being sustainable, like Land Rover, are on-board: the big car brand has committed to being carbon neutral by 2039.

The times are certainly changing if even the diesel-guzzling Land Rover is committed to the green revolution. Businesses across the globe are faced with needing to conform, innovate – or be left behind.

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