KPS joins Google Cloud Advantage Partner programme

KPS joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage programme


KPS further expands its partner network

Munich, December 20, 2023 – KPS AG has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage programme. The leading IT and management consultancy for retail and consumer goods companies has thus reached a milestone in its Google Growth initiative. 

The consultancy combines its many years of expertise in the customer experience environment with the application diversity of the Google portfolio in the retail segment. The initiative aims to maximise the added value of Google solutions, including Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud, for customers. Customers will also benefit from holistic consulting and synergies within the extensive partner networks of both parties, particularly with SAP. 

Mastering artificial intelligence, big data and cloud challenges

Retail companies face major challenges when it comes to implementing technologies and generating added value. By utilising the Google Cloud infrastructure, KPS can provide its customers with even more comprehensive support on their journey to the cloud in the areas of marketing and e-commerce. The use of Google Cloud allows companies to maximise the potential of big data (analytics), generative AI and machine learning and get the most out of their own data - from data strategy, data storage and activation to data-based marketing and real-time data monitoring. Practical use cases in marketing, customer service or e-commerce include personalised marketing, data visualisation, customer segmentation, image recognition, content generation, product advice or dynamic pricing.

"The certification as a Google Cloud Service Partner underpins our integrative approach when it comes to designing cross-departmental IT architectures. With our in-depth consulting expertise in the field of ERP and the expansion of our CX portfolio through this service, we now offer our customers a unique, holistic offering for successful digital transformation in retail. We are delighted about this strategically important step, which will help our customers to make more data-driven decisions and develop better marketing strategies," comments Paul Anderie, Solutions Architect Google Cloud & MarTech at KPS AG.

Would you like to know more about the Googe Cloud & KPS partnership? Write us a message here, and we will contact you.

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