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In today’s busy, highly digitised world, commerce never sleeps. Customers are increasingly agile, tech-savvy and switched on. Brands are competing hard and constantly evolving within the digital space, and they’re doing it by embracing agile architecture and new technology solutions.


A successful digital strategy relies on understanding the bigger picture – creating opportunities to re-invent the way you do business across every touchpoint, refine processes and improve efficiency.


Integrating channels to provide seamless experiences

A successful transformation needs to consider all the elements within 4 key pillars of your digital offering, and bring them together in one unified interchangeable journey:

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Digital Acceleration

Benchmarking against your competition

We will directly compare your digital offering with that of your direct competition and show you exactly where your competitors are gaining ground and the steps you need to take (big or small) to push your business forward. We will show you the core themes to help you build your digital road map or business case for a move to an agile architecture.


We can help you to accurately benchmark your position and digital offering against others in your marketplace and deliver the improvements and measure the outcomes, benefits and KPI improvements in just 6 months.


Rich insight to help you every step of the way

Our Digital Maturity scale helps you to see exactly where you are and what you still need to consider on your transformation journey. For companies that are just embarking on complex digital transformation journeys, the overview can help them to ensure they are encompassing all aspects of their business to redefine how they operate and interact with customers.

For businesses that have already started it can identify where parts of their transformation can be improved, united and identify additional opportunities for change. The analysis can show you exactly where your business sits against your competitors and, most importantly, where it needs to be


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Barnaby Moffat, Commercial Director of KPS UK

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