KPS Instant CRO

KPS Instant CRO

Increase conversion rate with KPS Optimize

The goal

Build on a sustainable empirical optimisation process

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and A/B testing as an effective tool to increase sales and customer loyalty is often treated stepmotherly in companies. Sometimes the responsibility lies with the product teams, which often have other priorities, and in other cases UX designers/brandeteers test even small changes. Often the vision is missing in these companies or there is a lack of operational competence.

The Team

A successful conversion rate optimisation team consists of several roles

The team for CRO should consist of several roles. These roles may vary depending on the needs and size of the team. It may be that some roles are filled by one person or that there are specialised sub-roles. It is important that the work is well coordinated and interlocked to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.

Conversion Rate Optimization

How does conversion rate optimisation work and why is it so important?

Conversion rate optimisation is about increasing the percentage of users or website visitors who perform a desired action. This can be, for example, buying a product or registering for a newsletter. 

Optimisation is a process, not a project.

The solution

The sustainable process: First optimise UI, then increase traffic.

Based on the experience of numerous optimisation programmes over the last ten years, KPS has developed the KPS Optimisation Programme. It includes roles, templates, best practices and operational methods and allows us to quickly set up and structure the empirical optimisation process.



KPS Optimize | UX Operating Model

We focus on User Driven Growth for your business success.

We bundle all methodological instruments in the KPS UX Operating Model. With the right creative ideas and stringent performance measurement, we design an optimised, satisfying customer experience in the online shop or the service platform.

Products and services are sustainably optimised and continuously developed. This optimisation process is mapped within the KPS UX Operating Model in the Optimize Track. 

The tasks are to continuously improve the user experience on the basis of testable acceptance criteria, UX metrics and KPIs, as well as quantitative and qualitative KPI optimisation. The tasks of the KPS Optimize Track include analysing and interpreting user behaviour, establishing correlations and finding the right levers, as well as collecting reliable arguments for the further development and improvement of the product.


Customer Journey

Von der Initialisierung bis zur Implementierung


Learn more about conversion rate optimisation in our interdisciplinary team

With currently 25 heads, at least 100 different focal points in addition to the basic UX expertise and a combined experience of around 300 years in the digital industry, the UX team of KPS is always happy to assist you with consulting approaches, sound methodological set-up, workshop formats as well as innovative ideas and concepts. Let us talk about your users - and multiply your business success!


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) supports and complements in many areas

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) can be supportive and complementary in many business areas and industries. Here are some examples of fields where CRO can be useful:

Holistic approach

Linking with other services such as SEO, UX design and CRM

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) can be well related to other services such as SEO, UX design and CRM as they are all closely linked and support each other.


Feel free to get in touch and find out more about how we can support your business.

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