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Discuss with our expert Andreas Frary from KPS:

KPS | Partner | Digital Experience Expert

Andreas Frary is a partner at KPS AG and has more than 15 years of experience in the field of digital customer experience. He supports companies in their digital transformation and sees himself as an interface between business and IT. In recent years, Andreas has led successful unified commerce projects, always bringing together the needs of customers with technological possibilities. He focuses on a clear growth path through customer-centric and scalable platforms with a short time-to-market and the best customer experience.




Discuss with the expert Michael Türk from Spryker:

Spryker | Senior Director Solutions Consulting

Michael Türk is a founder, entrepreneur, consultant and speaker. Over the years, he has become a relevant figure in the German e-commerce scene. At Spryker, Michael Türk holds the position of Senior Director Solution Consulting and advises both existing and new customers on their journey. He has many years of experience as the founder of his own e-commerce agency. This combined with his technological background makes Michael a true connector. He is the ideal person to mediate and connect between business and technology at all levels.



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